Will we embrace wisdom in time to save us from our impending collapse?

A local collective of artists called the Thought Makers have teamed up to produce a stunning visual effects driven documentary about the importance of Wisdom, in particular focusing on long-term decision making and sustainability. They argue that we must reform our collective decision making process into one that supports the long-term prosperity of our species and the planet itself.

Driven by a lust for infinite economic growth on a planet of finite resources, our way of life is coursing toward catastrophe. Thought leaders, intellectuals, and the wise around the world have unanimously diagnosed our way of life with a terminal illness. The disease is ignorance. The symptom is social and environmental collapse. And the remedy is wisdom: Wisdom that evolved into a canon of responsible codes of conduct fertilized our prosperity within nature for centuries. But many of those ideas have been erased. Could regaining this wisdom, which nurtured us for millennia, save us from the coming collapse? Here is a documentary that seeks to answer this question…

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