Sustainability thought leader Unplugged: Karl-Henrik Robèrt, Founder of The Natural Step

The Globe and Mail recently featured the founder of The Natural Step, Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt, in a series of videos as part of their commentary on leading thinkers on corporate responsibility. Dr. Karl-Henrik touches on key sustainability topics such as what individuals can do to embrace sustainability? And how can our economy become sustainable? Thanks to The Globe and Mail for producing the videos and you can visit their website for more commentary on Leading Thinkers on Corporate Sustainability.


How can our economy become sustainable?

Professor Karl-Henrik Robert, Md, PhD, is one of Sweden’s foremost cancer scientists and the founder of The Natural Step. He argues that, considering our planet’s limited resources, there is no chance our economy will remain the way it is.


What cancer can teach us about the environment

Professor Karl-Henrik Robert’s experience as part of a large cancer care team inspired him to create The Natural Step, a group of environmental experts whose goal is the creation of a sustainable society.


First class perks, on a sinking ship

Society is in danger of sliding further down a funnel of declining resources, according to Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert. We need to stop seeingsustainability as purely a cost, rather than an investment.


 What can organizations do to embrace sustainability?

Prfessor Karl Henrik Robert believes that befor they tackle the question of environmental sustainability, corporations must first take the time to define it.


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