Sustainability Professionals: Master the art of handling skeptics and their objections

Bob WillardAre you able to drive your sustainability ideas forward in your organization or are you encountering resistance? Are you achieving the best possible outcome at your meetings? Do you ever wonder if you could have achieved a better result and why your ideas weren’t resonating with your colleagues? Suppose you find yourself on an elevator with a senior executive and courageously decide that this is your opportunity to convince him/her to integrate sustainability into his/her core business strategies. How would you open the conversation? When he/she throws objections at you, how will you respond? What is your value proposition?

On February 16, 2012, TSSS will be hosting a cutting edge, “Objection Handling Workshop for Sustainability Professionals” led by author and international sustainability expert Dr. Bob Willard with a guest appearance by communications strategist and behavioural scientist, John Marshall Roberts of Worldview Thinking.

During the workshop Dr. Willard will coach participants on how to overcome apathy, indifference, fear and cynicism when trying to move a sustainability initiative forward in an organization.  The skills will be equally relevant and timely for both internal change agents and external sustainability consultants.

Communication strategist and author John Marshall Roberts will join us via videoconference to share his insight on how a better understanding of your audience’s “worldview” will help you win over the hearts and minds of even the most committed skeptics.

For those not familiar with John Marshall Roberts, his organization is breaking new ground in the challenge to understand and predict human behaviour – please take a minute to look at this newly released white paper, a collaborative effort between Worldview Thinking and The Shelton Group, “A New Way to Motivate Sustainable Behaviours”.

Registration for the upcoming workshop (February 16, 2012), will begin on Dec. 1st. Please join our email list for updates.  For those who would like to discuss discounts for corporate teams, please contact Brad Zarnett directly.