Sustainability and Innovation: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Innovation and Sustainability – two sides of the same coin

EDP sees tremendous possibilities when the complementary concepts of sustainability and innovation are integrated. Miguel Setas observes, “When we had a sustainability objective, we found very often that we had to apply innovative concepts to address the defined goal, and when we had innovative ideas, we found very often that they were perfectly aligned with our sustainability objectives.”

In 2012 EDP Brazil recognized it would be a natural progression to merge their Sustainability and Innovation resources, allocating funds and personnel on a project by project basis, depending on priorities and objectives. The result of this approach has been a broader vision of both sustainability and innovation.  EDP Brazil benefits from a more synergistic and efficient approach; ideas and projects are viewed, right from their inception, in terms of their impacts on society, the environment and the company.


new-word-alertInnovability. This word has not yet made it into the Oxford English Dictionary, but that doesn’t lessen its value, both to our lexicon and our society.  Innovability is the concept of integrating innovation and sustainability to promote creativity in improving existing processes and dreaming of new ones; it is the philosophy that permeates EDP’s activities.  EDP Brazil actively promotes and practices Innovability through its iTeam, Idea Market and iMentors.  It is Innovability that inspires and drives the people of EDP, and thus it is Innovability that assures the future success of this company.

12,000 People: One vision

Miguel Setas clearly articulates EDP’s approach to business, an approach that is understood and embraced by its 12,000 global employees:  “Our vision is to be an integrated global leader in value creation, sustainability and innovation. For us, sustainability and innovation are two sides of the same coin.”

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