Great Video from Autodesk on whole systems and lifecycle thinking, a software solutions and design company for engineers and designers, set up this video as a quick tutorial on whole systems and lifecycle thinking design for their sustainability workshop series. While the video is geared towards students in engineering and design, the out-of-the box method of thinking can be beneficial for almost anyone looking at a complex sustainability (or business, or CSR) problem, and is a great reminder that using a methodical, full-view approach to a problem can often present us with unique solutions in greater numbers.

Lauren Bates is a Community Manager of the Toronto Sustainability Speakers Series where she coordinates and co-hosts the event Twitter chats and webcasts, and works on sustainability awareness and networking via TSSS’s various social media streams.

3 Responses

  1. Pventura

    An impressive example and presentation. I’ll be using this in a graduate course in principles of sustainability.

    Paul Ventura

    • Dawn Danby

      @c57a592d048f99a2637e656daf9f4a87:disqus Glad you like it! We have many more at and we always love to hear how you use them in the classroom. My best, 
      Dawn Danby 
      (Autodesk Sustainability + dMBA Professor, California College of the Arts)