Why can’t we get robust supply chain emissions data? (Part 2 of 4)

Part 2 of 4 – Interview Series with Kenton Harmer hosted by Jennifer Woofter

In 2011, the Carbon Disclosure Project chose agriculture as the focus of their pilot study on carbon emissions and the supply chain. Using the examples of tomatoes and potatoes, the research team looked at how effective, robust, and accessible it was to gather data from agriculture suppliers. The results, compiled in Unearthed: Agricultural Emissions in the Corporate Supply Chain, are fascinating and offer lessons for companies in a variety of industries — particularly those with major supply chain sustainability challenges.

Below, we showcase the second of four video clips with Kenton Harmer (you can read Part 1 here), one of the lead researchers on the CDP agriculture report and a great friend to Strategic Sustainability Consulting. In this clip, Kenton discusses the key obstacles to getting high-quality emissions data from producers and packages. There are great lessons here for ALL companies thinking about supply chain sustainability.

Thanks to Kenton for his insight — and stay tuned for follow-up articles with the remaining two clips from our interview!

Originally posted on Strategic Sustainability Consulting

Part 1

Kenton Harmer is the Senior Vice President of Milepost Consulting and Co-Director of Common Fields.  Common Fields, the agriculture practice of Milepost Consulting, is an industry leader at creating and implementing evidence-based sustainability strategies for the agriculture sector.   As one of the founding partners of Common Fields, Kenton’s experience is in developing methodologies and systems that measure the sustainability performance of agricultural operations and sectors.  With an MBA in Sustainable Management, Kenton specializes in translating this technical data into strategies and lasting changes that improve an organization’s market position and long-term profitability. Contact him at kenton@common-fields.com.

Jennifer Woofter is the founder and president of Strategic Sustainability Consulting, a boutique firm specializing in helping rapidly growing mid-size businesses integrate sustainability into their business model. She tweets at @jenniferwoofter.