Jobs with Impact: 4 Tips to Find and Get Meaningful Work

Career success is no longer only defined by how much you make but also by how much impact you have. More professionals are choosing their jobs by the impact they can have on the world.


MaRS and my company Bmeaningful sought advice from industry experts and wrote an insiders guide to help answer questions like: What exactly is the impact sector? What are my career options? What skills and capabilities do I need to have?; and how do I stand out from the competition?

The Impact Economy: The Insiders Guide to Finding Meaningful Work and Attracting Top Talent, explores the barriers that make it difficult for talented people to identify employment opportunities and for organizations to recruit, engage and retain top talent.

Here are four tips to find and get meaningful work (for the full list check out our report here):

1) Start with yourself

Figuring out how to make a difference through your work is a distinctly personal question. Making an impact means different things to different people. To understand the impact you want to have, you have to be able to clearly identify your values and interests. What’s different in the impact job search is finding an alignment between your personal and professional values. For example, are you interested in marketing and women’s issues? Or sustainability and the environment? Take the time to figure out what issues are meaningful to you.

2) Get to know the impact economy landscape

There’s more to the impact sector than working for a charity or nonprofit. The options expands across various industries and sectors. Other examples of impact jobs include working at a social good business or social finance organization to working at a corporate foundation or sustainability department.

3) Get talking

Start talking to the people who have the types of jobs you want or are working for the companies you hope to work for. Informational interviews are a great opportunity to make a connection and a good first impression. But keep in mind, your interview can do more harm than good if you seem unprepared- so make sure you’ve done your research and come prepared with good questions.

4) Practice what you preach

When looking for work in the impact economy it’s important to ‘walk the talk’. Employers want to know what you’re doing to demonstrate your commitment to having a career with impact. For example, are you active on social media, blogging about current philanthropic trends? Or are you volunteering with a local nonprofit in the field your interested in getting into?

Check out the full report here for a more extensive list of tips and advice from industry experts.
Amanda Minuk is a co-founder and the CEO of Bmeaningful. She’s on a mission to help professionals discover the jobs and companies that make a difference and get more top talent interested in social impact careers.