Amazing Interview! Why So Many Millennials Are Struggling In The Workplace

Simon Sinek, is a prolific author and speaker on leadership and management. In the clip below, Sinek says there is an entire generation out there (through no fault of there own) which has been poorly prepared by our educational system and our current cultural practices on parenting, and further poisoned by technology – and because they’re now entering the workforce with such poor preparation for the real world, it’s going to be up to corporate America to provide the social skills – what people in human resources call “soft skills” – that will remedy the problems bad parenting and bad culture have caused. Enjoy!

The points which contribute to millennials’ career dissatisfaction.

1) Parenting Strategies: – “You’re special”

2) Technology: Addiction to social media and the impacts of dopamine

3) Impatience: The effects of a world where everything is about instant gratification

4) Environment: Flawed Corporate Cultures