Webinar: McDonald’s CSR Chief Bob Langert: Corporate Culture, Organizational Design & Sustainability

McDs_SkinnyArches_4C_EThe TSSS event on Wednesday October 9th “McDonald’s: The Trend Towards Transparency and Authenticity” was a huge success but it’s not finished yet.  The conversation with McDonald’s CSR Chief, Bob Langert will continue and delve deeper with a follow up webinar, hosted by CSRwire.  We will summarize the discussion from the live event and hear which of the 250+ brainstorming ideas, generated by the TSSS Community during the breakout session, on the topic of authentic sustainability communication, resonated with McDonald’s senior leaders – a prize will be awarded to the team with the best idea.

A Moment With McDonald’s: Examining the Connection Between Organizational Design, Corporate Culture & Sustainability Goals

DATE: Wednesday, October 23, 2013
TIME: 1:00-2:15 EST
LOCATION: GoToWebinar + Twitter [#McDsusty]

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During the balance of the webinar we will have the unique opportunity to hear about Bob’s 30 year journey of driving change at McDonald’s and what he has learned from decades of working with cross sector stakeholders.

Langert joined McDonald’s in 1983, beginning his career as a logistics specialist before moving into corporate responsibility. What began 23 years ago as a short-term assignment on a project team tasked with removing CFLs (chlorofluorocarbons) from the company’s packaging gradually expanded into his current role as head of McDonald’s entire global CSR effort.

open spaces learning

Also on hand will be “corporate culture game changers” Leslie Bennett and Heather Shapter of Open Spaces Learning. They will reveal their latest tool to help your organization chart the shortest path to CSR success. And use McDonald’s as a case study to test the relevance and usability of crowdsourcing to answer your most pressing sustainability challenges.

Hostedby CSRwire and created as an interactive session to examine and discuss organizational change and design through the lens of McDonald’s, participants will have the opportunity to test the tool, ask Langert and the Open Spaces Learning team questions in real time as well as take home practical and replicable tips on how to embed a sustainable culture into your organizations.

To register, please visit http://bit.ly/McDsusty and send out the following tweet:

I’ll join @CSRwire @TSSStweets @openspaceslearn + @McDonalds on 10/23 to discuss role of #culture in #CSR http://bit.ly/McDsusty #McDsusty

A Moment With McDonald’s: Examining the Connection Between Organizational Design, Corporate Culture & Sustainability Goals

DATE: Wednesday, October 23, 2013
TIME: 1:00-2:15 EST
LOCATION: GoToWebinar + Twitter [#McDsusty]

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Distinguished Guest:

Bob LangertBob Langert
Global VP, CSR and Sustainability
McDonald’s Global Corporate



Other Presenters:

Heather Shapter
Corporate Culture Game Changer
Open Spaces Learning

Leslie Bennett 
Corporate Culture Game Changer
Open Spaces Learning

Brad Zarnett
Founder and Executive Director
Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series (TSSS)

Facilitator: Aman Singh, Editorial Director, CSRwire