VIDEO: The Myth Shattered that the Rich Create Jobs

Nick HanauerHere is the much-talked-about TED talk on inequality given by Nick Hanauer.  We look forward to some great discussion about this very important issue.

“Sometimes the ideas that we are certain are true are dead wrong.  An astronomer who still believes that the earth is the centre of the universe will do some terrible astronomy,  likewise, a policy maker who believes that the rich are job creators and should not be taxed will do equally terrible policy.”  Enjoy!

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6 Responses

  1. mlewsimpson51

    Conservatives suppress opinions that don’t match their orthodoxy, like they want to suppress voting from the ‘other’ … folks with less access to registration proof (driver’s license, photo ID’s, etc. – the elderly, the poor, new immigrants (legal), etc.). So they got this talk, these ideas, banned from TED talks – shows a lack of character on TED leadership.

  2. Ronald Ainsbury

    Wasn’t this what Henry Ford realised when he paid his workers high enough wages so they could afford the cars they were building?

  3. Brad Zarnett

    It’s seems so simple – a strong middle class leads to everyone being richer. Concentration of wealth and a gutting of the middle class destroys the economic ecosystem and ultimately a healthy society.

  4. Peter Croppo

    Nearly 6 minutes of telling it like it is… how much longer will this charade continue???