Business won’t operate sustainably but we can’t regulate them or else? I don’t accept that.

The idea that you can’t push too hard or else companies will leave is a convenient position for profit obsessed corporations.

Fine the behaviour that we don’t want and reward what we do want

The Role of Business

Too often when companies can easily find solutions for their impacts but it’s not a “money maker” or worse, it disrupts a proven cash flow, the idea is dropped, regardless of the benefits that would have flowed to a variety of stakeholders.

Government Has A Vital Role

Business hasn’t delivered when it comes to solving our planet’s biggest global issues that do not have a “shareholder first” business case.

You Can’t Push Too Hard


No Room To Maneuver

…it leaves the choice of how to combat climate change in the hands of a pathological entity that is single minded in its drive to continuously grow shareholder profits.

Holistic Solutions