Brad Zarnett
Brad Zarnett, MES

Founder and Executive Director,
Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series (TSSS)
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In 2008, when Corporate Sustainability was still quite new, I launched TSSS with a modest goal to build knowledge and cooperation among aspiring sustainability professionals. Over the years, hundreds of attendees turned into thousands and before long TSSS emerged as Canada’s premiere forum for regular dialogue and problem solving among sustainability professionals.

Back then, I was excited and hopeful that corporate sustainability could fill in where governments were lagging, and drive business to fix many of the world’s problems. But now, as we head closer and closer to the 2030 IPCC target to reduce our carbon emissions by 45% from 2010 levels, I am very concerned. Each day new reports highlight a new ecosystem that is under threat or in grave danger of collapse. In fact, it was just reported that in 2018, CO2 emissions reached an all time high. We are going in the wrong direction!

Going forward I will use my influence, enhanced via my extensive social media network, to raise awareness of what is happening to our planet. I will look for allies and collaborators wherever I can find them and I will call out unhelpful, misleading or meaningless behaviour wherever I see it.

A lot can change in 10 years and this article will give you some insight as to how I now see corporate sustainability, “How Billionaire Greed Ruined a Perfectly Good Strategy Called Corporate Sustainability. (Part 1)|”

Brad Zarnett is a Canadian sustainability strategist, thought leader and speaker. He is the Founder of the Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series(TSSS). You can follow Brad on twitter: @bradzarnett, LinkedIn: Brad Zarnett and now on Medium Brad on Medium