(VIDEO) From a moral or economic viewpoint how can poverty wages be defended?

Sit back, perhaps pour yourself a glass of wine and consider the Capitalist system (in the US) at work. ┬áSome questions to consider while you watch…

  1. How can the economy thrive when the middle class doesn’t share in the wealth? [From 2009-2012 95% of all income (in the US) went to the top 1%]
  2. Does it make moral or economic sense to ask taxpayers to subsidize one of the wealthiest companies in the world?
  3. What does it say about the political system (in the US) when the senator can’t get the gentleman from the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research to answer this question:

Do you think the Walton family which is worth 100 billion is in need of welfare from the middle class of this country or should we raise the minimum wage so that the workers can earn a living wage and not have to get medicaid or food stamps?

When a sustainable company is assessed (triple bottom line) how should Walmart be ranked?