“Twitterchat Summary” How would we recognize Capitalism 2.0 if we saw it? Is it time for a “Gold Standard”?

Bob WillardPlease enjoy the twitterchat summary from our event on February 7, 2013. If you were not able to make the event or are not in Toronto, please join us next time on the webcast and Twitter for new ideas and exciting conversations!

We were joined by Bob Willard to discuss the move toward a “gold standard” of sustainability. What does a truly sustainable company look like? We got a sneak peek at the cutting edge of sustainability standards that, in Bob’s words, will truly acknowledge that “human society and the human economy are wholly owned subsidiaries of the environment”. Take a peek at the chat below to see which standards are coming!

Stay tuned for our new white paper on Capitalism 2.0, due out in April 2013.

On February 7, 2013, sustainability professionals gathered in Toronto to listen to Bob Willard discuss Capitalism 2.0, and what it looks like. Below is a taste of the Twitter chat. Be sure to join us next time on the webcast and on Twitter at #tssschat!