The Road that Must be Travelled: The Regeneration Roadmap works to pave the way for a sustainable future

What are the key components in a sustainable future? Who needs to act and what is required? In this short video from The Regeneration Roadmap, some of the world’s top activists, scientists, economists, and business leaders spell out their thoughts on their one key ingredient for mobilizing a movement: personal engagement, government and business leaders, organizational networks, transparency, communication of risk and opportunity.


Taken as a whole, the individual perspectives seem to lead to one unifying theme—the approach to developing a sustainable future must be pluralistic. And in fact, many of the same experts contributed to a short video on the importance of collaboration around the solutions and worldview perspective of a more sustainable future. As Yolanda Kakabadse, president of WWF Internationsal succinctly states, “the world of today demands complementarity and partnership”

If you haven’t already come across it, The Regeneration Roadmap is a collaborative project from GlobeScan and SustainAbility, examining the past efforts of sustainable development and where it needs to head in the future, with particular focus on how the private sector can take initiative on a faster, smoother transition. The project grounds itself in the history of sustainable development, such as past research and initiatives like the Bruntland Commission’s Our Common Future and the world’s first Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 examines the gaps in where we are today versus where we need to be through broad surveys with sustainability experts around the globe. The project has produced two white papers, assessing the gaps in previous sustainable development plans, as well as expectations set by Rio 20+20. A final white paper, outlining a road map for sustainability is expected later this fall.

I for one am keen to see what this journey will look like. What will finally jar our global community into action? What will the next 20 years look like? What do you think?


Lauren Bates is a Community Manager of the Toronto Sustainability Speakers Series where she coordinates and co-hosts the event Twitter chats and webcasts, and works on sustainability awareness and networking via TSSS’s various social media streams.