Objection Handling Tactics for Sustainability Pro’s – A call for feedback

Download New Discussion PaperWith over 1000 downloads the topic of this discussion paper has obviously resonated with many in the sustainability sector.  (If you haven’t downloaded your FREE copy yet, get it here.)

But downloading isn’t enough to overcome our toughest objections.  We need to put our collective heads together and find the answers to our most difficult objections and when necessary we will call in experts to shed light on a particular challenge.

Please share your comments and feedback below.

Some questions to consider are:

  1. What prompted you to download the paper?
  2. What resonated with you most about the Discussion Paper and why?
  3. Describe a challenge that you’re currently wrestling with.
  4. Please share any success stories so that others can learn from your experience.

Please be as detailed as possible so that you can get the most out of the collective wisdom of the group.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts and starting a great discussion!