From Caring About People to Caring About “Maximizing Shareholder Value” – The Evolution of IBM

IBM[NOTE: This is a fabulous article about the evolution of Capitalism and how the focus on Shareholder Value has changed how companies measure their success.  It’s true – what gets measured get managed.  Imagine if the new metric for Capitalism 2.0 was better paying jobs and stronger communities.  Sign up today for our upcoming paper on Capitalism 2.0,  “CAP2 – Be The Change”.]

This town in the hills of Upstate New York is best known as the birthplace of IBM, one of the country’s most iconic companies. But there remain only hints of that storied past.

The main street, once swarming with International Business Machines employees in their signature white shirts and dark suits, is dotted with empty storefronts. During the 1980s, there were 10,000 IBM workers in Endicott. Now, after years of layoffs and jobs shipped overseas, about 700 employees are left.

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