Can Canadians get our elected officials to focus on our environmental concerns? Introducing GreenPAC.

Canadians appear to care about their environment but our views are often underrepresented by our elected officials.  What can we do?

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Canada faces many environmental challenges. Complex issues such as climate change, species loss, and habitat degradation concern Canadians, yet individual actions alone are not enough to address these challenges — not without government action.

There is a leadership vacuum when it comes to championing environmental causes. While many Canadians are passionate about finding solutions to environmental challenges, there is no organized mechanism to find and support those running for public office who want to champion the environment.

GreenPAC is a new non-partisan organization to build environmental leadership in Canadian politics. Our goal is to make environmental concerns politically relevant by recruiting, nominating, electing and supporting green environmental champions.

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GreenPAC exists to address the most serious challenge the environmental sector faces: translating Canadians’ environmental concerns into political action.

greenpac buttonGreenPAC tackles this challenge with the support of an Expert Panel, made up of credible, independent members who have no ties to political parties or environmental NGOs. They assess federal candidates from all major parties and endorse a list of the top green environmental champions, at least one from each major party.

The panel is looking for leaders who know how to get things done. The candidate must have a reasonable shot at winning and are further assessed on what their environmental accomplishments in the private, public, or NGO sector.

GreenPAC will collect pledges of support for the endorsed candidates from Canadians interested in seeing a stronger voice for the environment in politics. Canadians will be invited to make a pledge of financial support for a green environmental champion, as well as a pledge of volunteer hours to that candidate.

Our goal is to connect Canadians who prioritise environmental leadership with candidates who can get the job done.

What are people saying about GreenPAC?


“GreenPAC is helping to overcome the wedge politics that surround green issues in Canada. It promises to open a new chapter in democratic governance, one in which scientific evidence, sound economics and our deeply rooted values in environmental protection converge.”

Scott Vaughan, President of the International Institute for Sustainable Development and Canada’s former Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development

“The Canadian public is way ahead of our governments when it comes to environmental protection. GreenPAC is essential to closing this democratic deficit—and forging a sustainable, prosperous future for Canada.”

Stewart Elgie, Professor of Law, and Director, Institute of the Environment, University of Ottawa and Founder of the Sierra Legal Defence Fund, now EcoJustice