13 Conferences for 2013 – Plus 17 More!

What conferences should I attend this year? Below is our top 13 for 2013 – plus 17 more! These conferences are focused on CSR, Sustainability, Corporate Volunteering and/or Philanthropy.   Note: Even with 30 conferences listed, there are likely to be some that we missed. Please help us make our list more accurate. You can comment at the end of this article or contact us directly at contact@realizedworth.com.

13 Conferences for 2013

1. 12th Annual Best Practices Summit on Employee Engagement in Corporate Citizenship: ‘Make It Matter’
WHERE: Grand Hyatt New York, Grand Central Terminal, New York, NY
WHEN: April 3-4, 2012
HOW MUCH: $425 (Note – this conference is ‘by invite only’ but you can request an invite from us – Realized Worth)

“Charities@Work is pleased to present its 12th Annual Best Practices Summit on Employee Engagement in Corporate Citizenship. The theme for the 2013 Summit is Make it Matter. Attendees will interact with speakers from a variety of backgrounds, professions, and fields (for example, Dan Heath, co-author of Made to Stick) all aiming to deliver key strategies for making employee engagement matter. Work teams, hands-on volunteering, peer-to-peer conversations, engagement labs and engagement tools are sure to make the 2013 Summit the most engaging one of the year.”

Realized Worth is particularly excited for this conference, as our very own Chris Jarvis will act as emcee!

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2. 2013 ‘International’ Corporate Citizenship Conference
Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship
WHERE: Boston Marriott Copley Place, Boston, MA
WHEN: April 21 – 23
HOW MUCH: $1,995 (members get a $500 discount)

“Unlike other conferences, this event is open only to corporate managers. This ensures an environment where practitioners exchange ideas, experiences, and challenges with a knowledgeable and committed network of corporate citizenship peers from leading corporations, diverse industries and regions. Executives and practitioners from top companies share their perspectives, lessons learned, and offer candid insights. Interactive sessions present new methods and techniques to be more effective in developing integrated corporate citizenship strategies and programs.”

Click here to see what happened at the conference last year in Phoenix.
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3. Business4Better: The Community Partnership Movement
UBM Canon
WHERE: Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA
WHEN: May 1 – 2, 2013
HOW MUCH: $129

“Business4Better (B4B) features a two-day conference designed specifically for individuals from midsized enterprises responsible for social responsibility, community outreach and corporate volunteer programs. The conference will help businesses develop the knowledge, competencies and contacts to partner with nonprofits in ways that make a substantive impact on societal causes — from poverty alleviation to education to environmental protection — and on their own business performance, from branding to employee engagement to product innovation.”

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4. Ceres Conference 2013
WHERE: The Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, CA
WHEN: May 1 – 2, 2013
HOW MUCH: $1400 (discounts for early registration available – end March 1)

“The Ceres Conference provides a unique forum for networking and connecting with corporate and investor leaders, nonprofit groups, thought leaders and media to discuss current challenges, trends and opportunities within sustainability.”

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5. Client Summit 2013 (no information posted yet)
WHERE: NYU Campus, New York City
WHEN: May 16-17, 2013

“The VolunteerMatch Client Summit brings us together to share insights that will strengthen our individual CSR communities. It is the only event focused on the unique challenges of our corporate partners, promising the chance to connect, educate and inspire!”

Click here to view resources and discussion from last year’s conference.

6. Cause Marketing Forum 2013
WHERE: J.W. Marriott, Chicago, IL
WHEN: May 29 – 30, 2013
HOW MUCH: $945 (discounts for early registration available – end March 15)

“Every year cause marketing masters, practitioners and colleagues join together for this must-attend annual conference. Highlights include powerful discussion groups, ample networking opportunities and skill-building sessions.”

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7. Sustainable Brands Conference 2013
Sustainable Brands
WHERE: Paradise Point in San Diego, CA
WHEN: June 3 – 6, 2013
HOW MUCH: $2995 (discounts for early registration)

“The Sustainable Brands Conference is ground zero for sustainability, brand and innovation professionals who come together from around the world to be inspired, engaged and equipped to succeed by building the better brands of tomorrow, while building a network of likeminded colleagues who can help.”

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8. 2013 Corporate Philanthropy Summit
Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy
WHERE: CECP offices, New York City, NY
WHEN: June 4 – 5, 2013

“Each year at this event, CECP shares cutting-edge research, provides the opportunity to hear cross-sector perspectives in panel discussions, and features inspirational keynote speakers.”

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9. Responsible Business Summit USA
Ethical Corp
WHERE:  New York City, NY
WHEN: Jun 18 – 19, 2013
HOW MUCH: $3395 (Discounts available)

“This conference will focus on how to make corporate responsibility a core aspect of organizational culture, collaborate with key stakeholders and use CSR to enhance reputation and gain competitive edge.”

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10. National Conference on Volunteering & Service
Points of Light Institute
WHERE: Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC
WHEN: June 19 – 22, 2013
HOW MUCH: $850 (Discounts for early registration)

“Points of Light’s annual Conference provides attendees an opportunity to learn, connect and be inspired through a wide range of exciting and informative plenary sessions, workshops, immersion learnings, special events, service projects, exhibits, specialized tracks and more.”

Click here to see more from last year’s conference in Chicago.
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11. BSR Conference
Businesses for Social Responsibility
WHERE: San Francisco, CA
WHEN: November 5 – 8, 2013
HOW MUCH: $3,100 (based on last year’s rates)

“Now in its 20th year, the BSR Conference attracts more than 1,000 senior business executives, entrepreneurs, and leaders from the public sector and civil society, providing opportunities to help such individuals “build the business of a better world.”

Click here to see information from last year’s conference in NYC
Watch here for more information on the 2013 conference

12. Commit!Forum
Corporate Responsibility Magazine & NYSE Euronext
HOW MUCH: $1,695 (based on 2012 rates – discounts for members)

“This conference is a large gathering of leaders improving business and society. All sectors – from media to investors to nonprofits – are included in this mix.”

Click here for more details as they become available
Business Civic Leadership Center at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

13. Toronto Sustainability Speakers Series (TSSS)
WHERE: Bennett Jones, 1st Canadian Place, 100 King St. W., 34th Floor, Toronto
WHEN: 6 times per year
HOW MUCH: $50-75

(TSSS has emerged as Canada’s premiere idea exchange for Sustainability thought leaders; 6 times each year leaders come together to engage, connect and discuss the most topical and pressing issues.  The series was founded by Brad Zarnett and is available via LIVESTREAM for those who are not located near Toronto.)

“The Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series (TSSS) was launched in 2008 to dispel the myth that sustainability is a cost to business and to share the experiences of companies that have found economic advantages by integrating sustainability into their corporate strategy.  Events occur 6 times each year and act not only as a learning opportunity but also as a networking forum for individuals to come together as allies and partners in efforts to promote sustainable business practices.”

Click here for more info on upcoming events.

– Plus 17 More!

14.  CSR Driving Innovation
Milgard School of Business
WHERE: Meydenbauer Event Center, Bellevue, WA
WHEN: March 6, 2013
HOW MUCH: $395

“This one-day conference for business professionals and nonprofit leaders will explore the role that a sustainability focus plays in a firm’s ability to be innovative and creative in solving the complex issues that face leaders on a daily basis.”

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15.  2013 Annual Conference on Corporate Contributions
Association of Corporate Contributions Professionals
WHERE: Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans, LA
WHEN: March 10 – 13, 2013
HOW MUCH: $2,700 (Discounts for members)

“The Annual Conference on Corporate Contributions is the premier conference in the U.S. for professionals in corporate citizenship, corporate social responsibility, community relations and volunteerism, assembling renowned speakers, authors, practitioners and educators.”

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16.  Council on Foundations Annual Conference
Council on Foundations
WHERE: Chicago, IL
WHEN: April 7 – 9, 2013
HOW MUCH  $1,250 (Discounts available)

“The Council welcomes to its conferences representatives of organizations engaged in philanthropy, including CEOs, trustees, and staff of U.S.-based and non-U.S.-based private, operating, and community foundations; public grantmaking charities; corporate funders (foundations and/or giving programs); and tribal philanthropies.”

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17.  4th Annual International Corporate Volunteerism Conference
CDC Development Solutions
WHERE: U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC
WHEN: April 11 – 12, 2013
HOW MUCH: $495 (discounts for early registration available – end Jan 31)

“The Conference will examine the future of responsible leadership and corporate engagement in global development and will feature discussions among representatives from Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and government agencies.”

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18.  2013 Ethical Leadership Conference: Ethics in Action
Rutgers Business School
WHERE: Rutgers Business School, Newark, New Jersey
WHEN: April 19, 2013
HOW MUCH: Information not available.

“Ethics is implicitly a part of any CSR strategy, but what have we learned over the last 40 years in this field?  Arguably, many corporations already believe that they should do no harm, and act or are beginning to act accordingly.  What are the exemplar corporations doing differently and creatively to improve civil society and their bottom line? This conference will explore the history of CSR and where the field is moving, pulling upon academic and corporate expertise.”

More information

19.  Net Impact Conference
Net Impact
WHERE: San Jose, CA
WHEN: October 24-26, 2013
HOW MUCH: $575 (based on last year’s rates – discounts available)

“Net Impact brings together 2,600 professionals and students dedicated to “using their careers to change the world.”

Click here to learn more about last year’s conference.

20. The BCLC CSR Conference
US Chamber of Commerce: Business Civic Leadership Center
WHERE: Washington, D.C.
WHEN: October 9-10
HOW MUCH: Information not available

“Conference registrants will connect on how to advance corporate citizenship to ‘confront today’s challenges and to provide solutions for tomorrow’s opportunities.’ The conference theme for this event is set annually by BCLC’s Leadership Council to address the issues that are most pressing in the coming year.”

Click here to learn more about last year’s conference.

21.  Corporate Community Involvement Conference
The Conference Board
HOW MUCH: $1,895 (based on 2012 rates)

No details available

Click here for more information about the 2012 conference.


22. CANADA – The Canadian Business for Social Responsibility Annual Summit
DATE: Fall 2013

“Founded in 1995, Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR) is a non-profit, member-led organization that mobilizes Canadian companies to make powerful business decisions that improve performance and contribute to a better world.”

More info here.

23. SLOVAKIA – The Corporate Philanthropy Forum

“For the past 2 years, Realized Worth has had the privilege of joining the Pontis Foundation in Slovakia for their innovative and educational 1-day forum on corporate philanthropy, CSR, and volunteering. Over 100 representatives of both local and transnational companies attend the forum, many with existing corporate volunteering and CSR programs; all eager to strategize for greater effectiveness. This conference will stream live on the internet; “like” the Pontis Foundation’s Facebook page for regularly updated information.

More info here.

24. BAHRAIN – The 1st Bahrain International Corporate Social Responsibility Conference & Exhibition 2013
DATE: March 3 – 6, 2013

“The First Bahrain International Corporate Social Responsibility Conference and Exhibition, provides a unique platform for government authorities, private sector, experts and the general public to meet and discuss the latest CSR trends worldwide and how to better serve the community in which we live.”

More info here.

25. BELGIUM – KU Leuven CSR Symposium
DATE: January 21, 2013

“Within the context of the KU Leuven / BNP Paribas Fortis chair on employee engagement, KU Leuven, together with Business & Society, is organising a symposium on CSR and the link with employee engagement.”

More info here.

26. NETHERLANDS – The 2nd International CSR Communication Conference
DATE: September 18-20, 2013.

“This conference, organized by Aarhus University in collaboration with University of Amsterdam and University of Ljubljana discusses concepts, theories and methodological approaches to CSR communication.”

More info here

27. AUSTRALIA – ACCSR’s 6th Annual Conference: The State of CSR in Australia
DATE: February 13, 2013

“Learn about responsible leadership challenges and how leading CSR organisations build the knowledge, skills and attitudes for leadership in an age of responsibility. The conference will include the launch of the 2013 State of CSR in Australia Annual Review.”

More info here.

28. UNITED KINGDOM – The 12th annual Responsible Business Summit
DATE: May 7 – 8, 2013

“This conference features over 500 attendees, 50 speakers and 5 CEOs, sharing best practice and discussing the latest sustainability challenges faced in 2013.”

More info here.

29. IRELAND – CEV Spring 2013 General Assembly and Symposium: “Making things EVEN”
DATE: April 18 – 19, 2013

“The symposium will result in the creation of the Employee Volunteering European Network (EVEN). This network will only be open to volunteering-involving organisations and companies who have taken part in the EVEN training.”

More info here.

30. SLOVENIA – The 8th IRDO international conference on social responsibility and current challenges 2013
DATE: March 7 – 9, 2013

“The Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility (IRDO) is inviting you to join the 8th international IRDO conference on SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND CURRENT CHALLENGES 2013. This year’s conference will be on the topic of EDUCATION AND COMMUNICATION FOR MORE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.”

More info here.

Conferences we missed –

NIGERIA – International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, Governance and Sustainable Development
DATE: April 8-10, 2013

“The Conference aims to bring together academia, research scholars, business entrepreneurs, practitioners, managers and policy makers responsible in delivering Corporate Social Responsibility, Governance and Sustainable Development in order to achieve competitive advantage, best practice and cost savings in modern organizations such as governmental, private, industrial, business sectors and NGOs.”

More info here.

BCLC – Bricks & Sticks Sustainability Symposium: Building Public-Private Partnerships for Economic & Environmental Improvement
WHERE: Washington, D.C.
WHEN: April 16-17, 2013
HOW MUCH: $480 earlybird for US Chamber Members (1 day rates also available)

“This event discusses business best practices and solutions for environmental challenges and improvements for community systems and infrastructures. This symposium will bring together companies, local Chambers of Commerce, and small business innovators.”

More info here.

Who (else) did we miss? If it includes employee engagement in CSR, Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship – we’ll add it to the list. Leave a comment below or contact us here: contact@realizedworth.com or 855.926.4678.

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