Toronto Homes Can Now Reduce their use of ‘Peak-Time’ Dirty and Expensive Electricity

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As a former employee of WWF-Canada, it probably comes as no surprise to hear that I am a big fan of Earth Hour.

I love taking the opportunity to switch off the lights, power down the apartment and spend screen-free time with my people – but more than all of that, I love feeling connected to my neighbours and community in a collective effort to combat climate change, even in a small way.

In a time when action on climate change is being throttled by political agendas across the globe, I love the chance for ground-up, people-powered change to be made wherever possible.

Which is why when I heard that the San Francisco-based energy sharing platform OhmConnect was launching in Toronto this summer, I was pretty freakin’ jazzed.

#OhmHours are like an Earth Hour only they happen every week, and in addition to the warm fuzzies you get from doing a good deed and catching up on your euchre tournament, you actually get paid to participate!

Toronto Hydro customers paid to power down

OhmConnect is a free platform available to Toronto Hydro customers which rewards you for saving energy during specific times in an effort to reduce the load on power plants during peak energy-use times. The rewards customers earn can be converted into money deposited via a PayPal account, donations to a customer’s favourite charity, or credits towards energy-efficient products.

The energy you don’t use

The process is simple. You sign-up for Ohmconnect and authorize the company to access your home’s smart meter and any supported internet-connected devices. You don’t have to buy or install any special equipment. A few times a week, the company will alert you to energy spikes and ask you to cut back your power consumption, or it will dial-it-back for you through your smart thermostat and other smart devices. Then you get paid for the energy you don’t use.

I love the platform so much that I got in touch with them and said I wanted to be involved in a big way – and now I am! I’m thrilled to report that I’m working with the OhmConnect team this summer to spread the good word to Torontonians (who I’m pretty sure need a break on their utility bill more than anyone I know.)

Are you a Toronto Hydro customer? Visit now to register and start receiving weekly payments for the energy you don’t use.

BONUS: Want to fundraise for your school, workplace or team or simply work with others to cut your energy consumption? OhmConnect will pay up to $75 per person who signs up using your unique ID. (A blogger in California earned more than $20,000 simply by sharing her link!) Get in touch with me ( to kickstart your fundraising.

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Katie Edmonds
is an award-winning journalist, digital content strategist and photographer who has spent the past 10 years focusing her efforts on using digital communication for environmental advocacy. Working with leading Canadian charities WWF-Canada and Environmental Defence, she has created effective digital advocacy campaigns which have resulted in positive policy change within both business and government.