Sustainability credibility flies out the window in just 15 seconds?

How can a company that claims to be a sustainability leader get it so wrong when it comes to their advertising?

If this ad represents the thinking at Keurig then something is very wrong there. Do they not understand that the waste problems facing our planet are holistic in nature and not something that “goes out the window” when we go to work?

We must all work together to find solutions and at the core of this collaboration must be an understanding that solutions are not EITHER/OR but rather it’s THIS AND THAT. We have to come at our challenges from ALL angles. For Keurig to air a commercial that shows a man in a car (a hummer no less) adding to our plastic waste problem by throwing his garbage out the window is neither funny nor ironic irregardless of his actions at home.

Does this commercial sound like that of a sustainability leader. Is this really how Keurig views sustainability?

You decide and feel free to share your comments below.  

One Response

  1. Kathrin Murphy

    For those of us who have toiled away for years, helping companies fully integrate sustainability into all their business practices, from the supply chain, to product development, through to marketing, this ad is very disheartening. I reached out to Keurig’s Advisor, Sustainability and Strategic Partnerships, and received this response. Even more disheartening:
    “The TV ad for our recyclable K-Cup pods is meant to be creative and engaging by using something imaginary like a stunt scenario to draw attention. It puts forward the contrast between the main character (who says his life is complicated) and the simplicity of recycling a K-Cup pod. … Keurig takes sustainability very seriously and it has been in the company’s core values since the very beginning.”
    Honestly, Keurig, I think you can do better than this.