Is Government’s Failure Good for Business? Clean Air Now For Sale In South Korea.

Is it good business (and good for GDP) to allow air pollution to become so severe that companies will begin to sell solutions?

Here in Canada we are still blessed with relatively clean air but in some parts of the world venturing beyond the walls of your home can be a risky proposition. Is this the future that awaits us all? How can we ensure that all humans have access to a steady supply of clean air that we are happy for our children to breathe? Or perhaps, thanks to a colossal failure of government, that’s not the right question at all, but rather, how can we profit from those who demand to breathe clean air? 

Hadong Vitality Air will be capturing the air in a forest area at 700 to 800 meters altitude.

According to The Korea TimesVitality Air will soon start producing canned pure air under the trademark Jiri, selling it in drugstores across South Korea. The company is a joint venture, being 50% owned by Canadian firm Vitality Air, 10% by distributor SL Biotech, and 40% by the South Korean town of Hadong’s municipality. 

Hadong Vitality Air will be capturing the air in a forest area at 700 to 800 meters altitude. The company’s plant then bottles the air per eight liters, which can be inhaled through a built-in mask in the can. For 15,000 won ($13), one can enjoy filling one’s lungs 160 times with the most pristine, cypress-flavored forest air.

The plant hopes to be operational soon where it’s production capacity will be 1000–2000 units a day.

Thanks to government’s failure to protect the air of 100’s of millions of people around the world, Vitality Air sees huge potential for their canned product. If successful in South Korea, expansion to China, India, and parts of the Middle East could follow.

It’s likely that this solution would bring a smile to face of Ayn Rand.