Expedition: See the gigantic glaciers of Greenland, now melting at record rates.

2016 Greenland Trip: John Englander, Senator Angus King and Commandant of the US Coast Guard, ADM Paul Zukunft

If you’re familiar with what climate change will do to water levels and how that will effect our way of life, then perhaps you’ve heard of John Englander. Educated as an oceanographer, John is one of the world’s foremost experts on climate change and rising sea levels. What makes John different is that his education goes beyond the presentation and the boardroom.

September 8-15, 2019 – 8 days / 7 nights: Iceland and Greenland Special Offer – free airfare for those that reserve by end of April

He has led six expeditions to Greenland and the High Arctic, including a series of dives under the polar ice cap – and this September he’s doing it again. The purpose of the trip is to witness first-hand the rapid melting and collapse of the glaciers on Greenland, the largest island in the world, with an ice sheet averaging more than a mile high.

Greenland is the best place in the world to see the scale of the problem as ice sheets and glaciers melt at speeds up to four times faster than just a decade ago. The world is warming; the Arctic is warming at double and triple the global rate. What happens in Greenland does not stay in Greenland. Shorelines all over the world will shift as the sea rises as a direct result of the melting ice in Greenland. It has enough ice to raise global sea level more than twenty feet (six meters) if it all melts.

The International Sea Level Institute is hosting a special fact-finding expedition to Greenland, September 8-15, 2019. Due to helicopter capacity, space is strictly limited to 11 participants. Our 8 day / 7 night trip begins in Reykjavik Iceland. This is an ideal time of year to visit to see calving icebergs, with moderate temperatures likely in the 30’s and 40’s Fahrenheit (single digits Celsius). It will be led by Institute President John Englander, a veteran of many polar expeditions.

For those interested, the 8 page color brochure can be downloaded by clicking here.

Program Highlights

  • Fly far out onto the vast ice sheet by chartered helicopter to see the “rivers” of meltwater.
  • Walk on a million-year old glacier, now disappearing in full view
  • Photograph enormous icebergs from water-level by boat
  • Get behind the headlines, and the hype through private briefings from front-line scientists, Arctic experts, military leaders, and locals who have lived there for generations.

This trip will closely follow an expedition in 2016 with the Commandant of the US Coast Guard and Senator Angus King (photo at right). Admiral Zukunft (now retired) sent a great two-minute message back to his troops that will give you an excellent sense of some of the experiences this trip will include. See video window below.

Cost (As Donation to Nonprofit)

This is not a standard tour and cannot be compared to the many commercial tours to Greenland or Iceland. This unique itinerary is exclusively for the Admiral’s Club level supporters of the Institute. By participating in this program you will become an Admiral Level Donor. We welcome new members. To qualify, a US$ 20,000 donation to the International Sea Level Institute is required. The Institute will cover all  costs starting from Reykjavik, Iceland, including flights to Greenland, hotel, meals, helicopters, boats, and return to Reykjavik.  The Institute is a nonprofit with US 501c3 tax status, which may enable you to treat some or all of the cost as a tax-deductible contribution, as well as sponsorships by other nonprofits, family foundations, and trusts. (We can provide more information on this for you or your tax advisor.)

Special Offer – free airfare for those that reserve by April 30

As an added incentive, for anyone that pays the ten percent deposit of $2,000 to reserve one of the places by April 30, we will add an extra benefit and pay their airfare to Reykjavik (up to a maximum of one thousand dollars.) This offer is only available until the trip is filled. The balance of the twenty thousand dollar donation can be paid by June 15th.

If you are interested — or know someone who might be interested — please get in touch with the tour leader, John Englander, ASAP as we expect the trip to fill quickly.  Please use this special email, greenland@johnenglander.net

Greenland changes a person’s understanding of the world. This trip will support the Institute’s work to help the world understand the challenge in front of us. We must rise to the challenge. Please join us.