Naomi Klein: Focusing on Climate Change is Getting Us Nowhere – We Need to Focus on the System!

this changes everythingGreat chat with Naomi Klein about her new book “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate”….here are some great quotes…

4:12 Just focusing on climate is getting us nowhere.  I don’t see any genuine signs of progress that bring us in line with science based targets.  There’s something uninspiring about the narrow focus on climate…it misses the fact that many more people recognize that we need to change the economic system.

5.27 This economic system is failing the vast majority of people and P.S…. it’s also destabilizing the climate.

5:42 This system that so many people identify with is why people’s homes are being foreclosed on, why student debt is soaring, why people’s lives are so precarious and why there’s so much inequality… it’s also waging a war on the planets life support systems.

This interview was conducted by David Roberts from