Are you climate ready? Don’t be a sitting duck. Find out on Feb. 1st.

Join us on Thursday, February 1st at 11 am (ET) to test your organization’s preparedness for risks and opportunities related to wild weather and climate change. We’re developing a matrix to capture your current status, and invite you to share your results, under Chatham House Rule, as part of a national Climate Readiness Assessment: Risks and Opportunities.

In this 60-minute webinar we are going to share:

  • the Climate Readiness Assessment: Risks and Opportunities (beta version),
  • insights from innovators,
  • some of the policy tools you can use to understand the extent of change required,
  • powerful software that will help improve decision-making in your organization,
  • insights on the power of the cumulation of ‘seemingly trivial changes’ that, through adoption of these changes, can result in measureable results,
  • very interesting visuals that will help you convince ‘relevant interested parties’ of the need to collaborate to win, and
  • case studies of organizations large and small that have taken steps to address both the risks and opportunities that wild weather and climate change are bringing to bear.

Who should attend this webinar? Anyone who understands that climate change is part of our current reality and knows that the future will be shaped by our collective ability to manage change and enhance our resiliency.

Participants will receive a report that provides links to free tools and techniques and visuals to help discuss the need for change with decision makers.

Participants that share their organization’s results of the Readiness Assessment under Chatham House Rule will receive a report of aggregated results, and suggestions for next steps. Let’s make the start of 2018 a positive step forward by embracing the changes we all have to make to keep under the two degree mark.

If you are not taking part in the actions needed to tackle climate change, please contact @elonmusk and buy your one way ticket to Mars now.

Registration closes at 9 am, Thursday February 1st.