VIDEO: Bob Willard shares how the sustainability GOLD STANDARD will pave the way towards Capitalism 2.0

Bob Willard shares the vital role that the sustainability GOLD STANDARD will play in charting a path towards capitalism 2.0.  Bob breaks it down into three parts:

1) Clear definition and destination
2) Broaden the metrics to include social, human and natural capital
3) Adoption of ESG by the investing community

3 Responses

  1. Robert Myers

    Bob is absolutely correct regarding his final point. Once the SEC or other regulatory body is seeking the information…the significance to management will be heightened and the measurement and tracking methods will be improved and refined.

    • Brad Zarnett

      Robert – Bob is wise 🙂  Imagine how different the world would be if companies we’re all racing to be more sustainable to ensure that they could attract investment dollars.

  2. Bethlehem Hickman

    Great these are good goals but somehow I’m missing the most important issue : how do we get there ?What is the marketing strategy ? Are we really going to make sustainability progress with yet an other set of metrics ? What is new compared to what already exists?