Conservative MP Michael Chong

A Living Room Chat with Conservative Party MP Michael Chong

“Just Because I’m Conservative Doesn’t Mean I’m Anti-Environment.”

The Toronto Sustainability Speaker Series (TSSS) and GreenPAC are thrilled to announce that on October 13th we will welcome Conservative MP Michael Chong for a living room chat. Michael has been the Conservative MP for Wellington-Halton Hills since 2004 and he is currently running for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

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Mr. Chong has some strong pro-environment views. During the 2004 federal election, he declared his personal support for the Kyoto Protocol , despite his party’s opposition to the measure. Michael believes that we must embrace the power of free markets by pricing externalities and allowing the market time to adjust to those signals. And he contends that in areas where the market falls short, such as in assuring biodiversity, then government needs to act swiftly with strong regulations that will ensure that Canada’s natural beauty is protected for future generations.

In a recent interview with GreenPAC Michael stated how important a consensus across political lines can be at driving lasting change:

Real change happens when there is a consensus across the political spectrum. I like to point to healthcare – there is a consensus left to right across the country that public healthcare is important and it should be protected. This is important for the environment as well.

Ideas to be explored during this TSSS event include:

* Why do so many Canadians believe that Conservative means anti-environment? Are they right?
* Does the the Conservative Party believe that price signals alone can address Canada’s environmental issues?
* What role does the pricing of externalities play in a more environmentally progressive Canada?
* Would a Conservative government have a new “climate-change-sensitive” energy plan for Canada?
* How can Canada’s federal parties work together to create strong environmental policies?
* Will Canada ever return to its position as an international environmental leader?


DATE: October 13, 2016 (registration closes October 11th)
TIME: 4:30-7:30 EST (refreshments & networking from 6:30-7:30)
LOCATION: MaRS Discovery District, 101 College St, Toronto, basement
(Tickets must be purchased in advance)
LIVESTREAM: Register for the password to the free livestream


4:30 – 5:00 pm: Registration, refreshments and networking
5:00 – 5:10 pm: Introductions and announcements – Brad Zarnett, CEO, TSSS
5:10 – 5:15 pm: Welcome Message from Aaron Freeman: GreenPAC Founder
5:15 – 5:45 pm: Living Room Chat with Conservative MP, Michael Chong
5:45 – 6:30 pm: Audience Q and A
6:30 – 7:30 pm: Networking and refreshments



About Our Guest and Sponsors:

michael-chong2Michael Chong was first elected to Parliament in 2004 and represents the riding of Wellington-Halton Hills. As cabinet minister, Michael served as President of the Queen’s Privy Council, Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister for Sport.

In 2015, he was successful in getting his Private Member’s Bill, the Reform Act, passed. The Reform Act is a Bill that aims to rebalance the power between party leaders and MPs.

Prior to his election, Michael acted as Chief Information Officer for the National Hockey League Players’ Association and as a senior technology consultant to the Greater Toronto Airports Authority for the redevelopment of Pearson International Airport. He has also held information technology positions at Barclay’s Bank and Research Capital Corporation. Michael co-founded the Dominion Institute, now known as Historica Canada, an organization committed to raising Canadians’ awareness of history and civics and currently sits on its Board of Governors.

Michael attended the University of Toronto. Born in 1971, Michael grew up just outside of Fergus in Wellington County, Ontario, where he still lives with his family. Michael is married to Carrie Davidson and they have three sons, William, Alistair and Cameron.

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