Sustainable Food – What is it? Why is it important? How do you get there?

The impacts of our food system are profound, global and growing. As consumers, the choice of what food to eat is one of the most important decisions we make. As businesses, food companies face the complex challenge of delivering the high quality, consistent and safe food that consumers demand while delivering both on strong financial results and on health, environmental and social-economic expectations.

Food and agriculture in Canada is critical to our economy (providing 13% of jobs), has a profound impact on our health (61% of adults are overweight) and makes a fundamental impact to the environment (agriculture accounts for 10% of Canadian CO2 emissions). Despite the headlines, understanding whether our food is sustainable is not simple. Stratos – the Canadian sustainability consultancy – has embarked on research to help Canadian companies understand what sustainable food is and how leading companies are improving the environmental and social impacts of their food. These two papers provide initial findings from our full research study that will be published shortly.

What is sustainable food? Click here.

Why does sustainable food matter? What’s the recipe for more sustainable food? Click here.

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  • Charles Frost

    actually, i am saddened to hear that most of our foods these days are processed foods and are not so much healthy but of course not all are unhealthy. there are still plenty of foods that are good for our health.

    Actually, my favorite foods are asian foods and I usually buy them at asian groceries online.